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Orpen Design Solutions has one of the best names in the industry for delivering outstanding work-winning and creative solutions. We think of ourselves as an extension of our clients' businesses: as a creative department that can be bolted on as and when need be. Today, Orpen is made up of a team of experienced and inspired creative professionals working on the front line of bid delivery as well as across all marketing solutions for both print and web. Here's a little bit about our founder, Catherine Orpen Galis.


Catherine established Orpen Design Solutions in 2007. Prior to this, Catherine designed in some of the best design studios around the world, starting in Ireland and moving onto Paris, New York and Sydney until she finally arrived in London where she set up her own design consultancy. Catherine is a multi-disciplined graphic designer with twenty years of experience, ten of those years have been spent on the front line of bid production.

Apart from loving great design, Catherine has a unique passion for bid production. Catherine has worked across a wide range of sectors including; aviation, health and education, highways and infrastructure, utilities, finance, banking and transport. Catherine’s creativity brings a unique look and feel to any proposal and she has gained a reputation in the bidding world for her unique approach to communicating complex solutions in friendly attractive visuals.

Coming from an Island of 180 people off the South West coast of Ireland, Catherine loves travel and good food, especially fresh fish!

Our Aim
To be your design consultants of choice.
An all round solution
We are a full service design consultancy.


"I’m delighted to say that we received a letter of intent from the Client for the Waterloo project so it’s a really great win for us and puts us on a new playing field. Next up to deliver a quality project to the client. I note that the Project Managers, commented very positively on the ‘extremely professional’ presentation so thank you to the Orpen team for your invaluable input on the submission".

Patrick Crowley

CField Construction Ltd

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