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Winning Design



We know winning bids. Orpen has developed an enviable track record in providing tailored support to bid teams, so they can produce high quality submission documents and presentations. We give our clients a real competitive edge with innovative proposal graphics that speak more directly than words to their customers.

A winning bid must not only provide all the required information in a structured, coherent and professional manner, but also showcase your brand values and demonstrate your capabilities. Our designers are experts in engaging with bid management teams, and will smoothly integrate to help marry first-class content with top-flight digital presentations.

Our support packages range from fully outsourced to individual bespoke solutions, and cover all the graphic elements of a winning bid submission. We will advise you on how we can best add value to your proposal, then how you use our service is up to you. Our continuing success demonstrates the key role of a professional bid in winning new business, and we believe that first impressions last.

1. Kick off meeting

We are experts in working to tight deadlines, so we like to hit the ground running. Before we start designing, we save time by getting to know who you are, the contract involved, and who will be assessing your bid. Once we understand the project specifications and deadline requirements, we allocate the necessary expertise.

2. Resource

Your dedicated expert will work with you right through the bid from concepts to the submission and presentation stages. This system ensures that you are consistent in everything you put forward, and ensures that efficiency is kept at the highest possible level.

3. Design & Print management

Our experienced design team will create an engaging brand for your bid that reflects the culture and approach of your company, demonstrating to the client your professionalism, commitment and quality. Our design ensures the overall layout and individual graphic elements are as clear and informative as possible. We will work with you to create an instantly appealing and engaging page layout that guides the marker quickly through the answers. Depending on the nature of the submission we can deliver your bid as an interactive digital document or a tailor made printed piece.

"Catherine's understanding and experience of the industry is absolutely what differentiates Orpen from other graphic design consultancies. Orpen Design assisted us with a public sector prequalification and from the very beginning to submission deadline they knew exactly what was required to complete it successfully. They managed the documentation for us and guided us along the way, looking for new ideas that would make our submission stronger".

Keith Peddar
Energy & Engineering Director
Bouygues Energy and Services


Creating a solid brand is more than just a brainstorm. At Orpen, we possess key strengths in the design, development and application of brand identities. To ensure that the branding or rebranding process is kept thoroughly simple for our clients, we use a clear four-stage process covering investigation, creative and strategic thinking, and project management.

1. Research

First of all, we will be asking a lot of questions. Our aim is to understand your company's brand values, personality, strengths and USP. We will perform a brand audit, considering all aspects of your brand identity from tag-line to typeface, your online identity and all your marketing materials. This is a central part of the process, allowing you to identify exactly what currently works and what can be improved. When the research phase is complete, we will produce a report to inform the development of your brand identity going forward.


It takes a combination of rational and creative thought to design a brand strategy that works both within your company and for your customers. During this phase we will work with you to identify your competitive advantages, and clarify your brand promise, target markets, mission and vision.


Time to shine. This is the point where we harness our creativity to turn your strategy into a visual representation of the brand. We begin by creating a logo to anchor your graphic identity, and move on to consider a number of key areas including colours, fonts, shapes and icons to create something unique, eye-catching and accurately representative of the personality and values set out in the strategy.

4. The Roll out

When your brand identity is securely established, we develop it across a range of print and web collateral, aiming to reach all possible points of contact between your company and your customers. These include but are not limited to:

  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • Vehicles
  • Uniforms


Given our world's increasing digital focus, the web is your key channel for driving leads and sales. A compelling online presence is among the most important tools your business needs, so it is vital to create the right impression from a potential customer's first touch. We approach any digital project from a design and branding perspective: you want your website or online campaign to be consistent with your branded goods or social media; we understand the importance of a strong identity and an inspiring user experience. We use the best of our branding and design experience to create eye-catching, on-brand websites that impress your clients with their stunning visuals and superior functionality.

1. Architecture & Design

Before we do anything we listen. The first step in the creation of any new website is a discovery and planning meeting. Completable remotely, this will help us fully understand the business goals behind the project, and what your digital ecosystem looks like in the present. Based on the results of this meeting, we proceed to the architecture and design of your website. During this key phase, we keep in regular contact with clients and encourage a collaborative approach. It concludes with your approval of graphic representations illustrating the layout and design of key website pages.


Everyone likes things that work properly. That's why we use robust, extensible and maintainable coding standards. Our front- and back-end development teams work with the latest technologies to ensure that your website is responsive, fast and reliable. We give you a development link so you can check the live status of your website as it is being constructed. When the designs are approved, we can start building out website pages and integrating the content management system (CMS).


Once page design and CMS integration are complete, you can very easily start to change the layout and content of your website. If you require professionally-produced content for your pages, we can now discuss the use of a copywriter.


Once you have 100% happy for the website to go live we set "the big day". We will let you know as soon as the website goes live and we also carry out some checks to make sure everything is optimised correctly.


For all our contemporary digital focus, the importance of print literature cannot be underestimated. We are a full service agency, deeply rooted in print design. Whether it's annual reports, corporate brochures or sales and marketing material, we can help you plan, design and deliver striking print solutions that win new business. In effect, if it's printable, we can design it. We consider print a vital and tactile point of contact, fundamental to any campaign. Once again, we use a simple four-stage process to ensure that you receive the best possible results.


The creative brief is the foundation of any design project. In order to assemble a comprehensive plan, we discuss your requirements in depth to gain a clear understanding of your expectations and vision. This is the point where you let us know what you would consider a good result; we carry out whatever research is necessary; and together, we brainstorm ideas, so that everyone is working from the same understanding of the project as we move into the creation phase.

2. Creation

In this stage we take your brief and bring it to life. We create a selection of initial concepts to share with you in a wide variety of styles, so you have a range of directions to choose from. We are equally happy following brand guides or creating original concepts.

3. Feedback

When you have seen the design concepts, we want to get as much feedback from you as possible, in order to refine the designs to your exact requirements. This is the point where our creative team can be most responsive, as we do everything in our power to produce work that will delight you and impress your clients.

4. Delivery

Once we have completed your design, you are issued with a final print PDF proof for sign-off and production. We are happy to work with your printers, or recommend from our selection of trusted suppliers.