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Winning Design



We know winning bids. Orpen has developed an enviable track record in providing tailored support to bid teams, so they can produce high quality submission documents and presentations. We give our clients a real competitive edge with innovative proposal graphics that speak more directly than words to their customers.

A winning bid must not only provide all the required information in a structured, coherent and professional manner, but also showcase your brand values and demonstrate your capabilities. Our designers are experts in engaging with bid management teams, and will smoothly integrate to help marry first-class content with top-flight digital presentations.

Our support packages range from fully outsourced to individual bespoke solutions, and cover all the graphic elements of a winning bid submission. We will advise you on how we can best add value to your proposal, then how you use our service is up to you. Our continuing success demonstrates the key role of a professional bid in winning new business, and we believe that first impressions last.


Creating a solid brand is more than just a brainstorm. At Orpen, we possess key strengths in the design, development and application of brand identities. To ensure that the branding or rebranding process is kept thoroughly simple for our clients, we use a clear four-stage process covering investigation, creative and strategic thinking, and project management.


Given our world's increasing digital focus, the web is your key channel for driving leads and sales. A compelling online presence is among the most important tools your business needs, so it is vital to create the right impression from a potential customer's first touch. We approach any digital project from a design and branding perspective: you want your website or online campaign to be consistent with your branded goods or social media; we understand the importance of a strong identity and an inspiring user experience. We use the best of our branding and design experience to create eye-catching, on-brand websites that impress your clients with their stunning visuals and superior functionality.


For all our contemporary digital focus, the importance of print literature cannot be underestimated. We are a full service agency, deeply rooted in print design. Whether it's annual reports, corporate brochures or sales and marketing material, we can help you plan, design and deliver striking print solutions that win new business. In effect, if it's printable, we can design it. We consider print a vital and tactile point of contact, fundamental to any campaign. Once again, we use a simple four-stage process to ensure that you receive the best possible results.