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January 8th 2018


Another prestigious bid WIN - Google Headquarters in Kings Cross


What better way to start the New Year! Another prestigious bid WIN

We were delighted to finish the year with the news that our client Byrne Bros. had won a bid we had helped design. This project will be known as one of the most prestigious projects London will have ever seen, we are thrilled to have been part of this winning team. Heres what they said about us;

"Our tendering team at Byrne Bros. had the pleasure of working with Catherine and her team for one of most prestigious projects won in 2017 – a new Headquarters building in Kings Cross. Catherine helped us brainstorm ideas tailor-made to suit our client and her team designed several ideas for graphics and themes which we could incorporate into our tender bid. They have been received so well that we use elements of the bid into our new bids! We look forward for the next opportunity to use Orpen Design Solutions again!"

January 8th 2018

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