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November 9th 2022

|Digital|General News|Proposals|

How to win your next pitch


We’ve all lost sleep the night before a pitch. Worrying about the presentation, whether you’ve included all your key points, how it will be perceived, will you get there on time? Does any of this sound familiar? If so, let us ease your mind with these 5 tips that will help you win your next pitch:

Put yourself in their shoes

Don’t just talk about yourself. You’re pitching to the client, what do they care about? What are their needs, goals, and pain-points? Your pitch needs to address these key points. Make sure you have up to five benefits that clearly articulate why your product or service benefits them. 

Tell a story

We all love a story! They’re memorable. We need a story that backs up your claim, that proves that what you’re proposing will result in the benefits you promise. Try this method:

Problem - illustrate the problem your prospect is trying to solve/goal they’re trying to accomplish
Solution - describe how your solution helps 
Result - share the results one of your customers experienced.

Avoid death by powerpoint 

NEVER read from your presentation, it should be a visual aid not a script. Why? *science alert* We read and listen with the same processor in our brains. We can’t do both things at the same time. Therefore, if you put up a slide that requires reading, you’re asking your audience to choose to either read the slide or listen to you. We don’t want our prospect wasting their time reading when you’re right there.
At Orpen we can help you create the perfect pitch presentations…???? drop us a message 

No jargon

We don’t want to confuse our prospects or make them feel stupid. We want them to feel comfortable. If you have a complicated concept, come up with an everyday analogy to explain it. The more accessible (and easy to repeat) your pitch is, the more successful it will be.

Practice out loud

As always, practice makes perfect! Make sure you’ve spoken your pitch aloud before you present. What you think sounds good in your head, might not sound good out loud. It helps you correctly time your presentation, make sure your transitions are clean and ensure everything is in the right places. 

You are now pitch ready! However if you feel you need a little more guidance, we’re here to help. Reach out to our team at Orpen.

November 9th 2022

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