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September 3rd 2020

|Digital|General News|Print|Branding|Proposals|

Brand refresh for Orpen Design

We’re proud of Orpen Design’s reputation for creative flair, commercial nous and client relationship excellence. We have a unique approach to communicating complex solutions in friendly and attractive visuals. And we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed.
We understand the importance of crafting a memorable connection with clients through design. So when Covid hit and gave us pause for thought, we seized the opportunity to refresh our visual identity.
The new website focuses on the benefits we deliver for clients. Our hard-working creativity helps you:

  • create a lasting visual impression with accomplished branding
  • win contracts with hard working innovative bid design
  • turn web visitors into business with focused digital design

Plus we’ve client case studies to bring our core offers of Branding, Proposals, Digital and Print to life. 
We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you stand out from the competition.

More about Orpen Design

After building her skills and sector expertise with big brand organisations in Ireland, New York and Paris, Catherine set up Orpen Design in London in 2007.
Since then the agency has focused primarily on the built environment: we've built an enviable client list that includes Bouuygues, Vinci, Foran Construction, Modebest, Oliver Connell & Son and Veolia to name but a few. We have always grown through referral. So while we've developed our core expertise in the built environment sector, warm client relationships have led us into adjacent industries including FM and M&E, Aviation and Waste Management.
When Covid struck in early 2019, Orpen, like the rest of the industry, wondered how we could continue in this new world defined by crisis. We chose to stop, take stock of the situation and take some of our own medicine. We reviewed what makes us unique, the clients whose problems we are uniquely positioned to address and our offer.
Refreshing our visual identity gives us the opportunity to re-address who Orpen is, and what we do. We think our new look conveys what makes us unique: creative flair with commercial nous.
We’d love to hear what you think. 

September 3rd 2020

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