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June 5th 2020

|Digital|General News|

Developing a dynamic and interactive sales pitch document for a leading law firm

Silver Shemmings Ash are a leading London based construction & real estate Law firm. They also provide specialist training and seminars.

Orpen was asked to solve a long-standing problem for the firm; showcase the full remit of its wide range of specialised legal support, and the entire business offering, in just one document. Historically this had proven difficult and the management of numerous different documents had not been an efficient way to work.

Our approach involved:

  • conducting a highly productive internal meeting with the team
  • designing a dynamic yet ‘one-size-fits-all’ document plan suitable for all the company’s sales teams across all divisions
  • focusing on what the client wanted and needed to produce a fluid and novel way to present and hold sales information

Orpen designed an interactive PDF solution which worked perfectly to showcase the entire Silver Shemmings Ash offering in one beautiful and easy-to-use document. The final document could be easily navigated by the client and also printed in high resolution. It was also easy to attach and send via email.

"Silver Shemmings Ash always enjoy working with the Orpen Design Solutions team, it makes what can be a stressful experience easy and stress free. Innovative ideas flow showing they take as much pride in your product and how it looks as you do which is a refreshing change, I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

Julie Camp, Events & Marketing Manager

June 5th 2020

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