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March 11th 2021

|General News|Branding|

We've helped raise over thirteen thousand pounds for children's health charities this year

We don't usually like to blow our own trumpet, but in these isolating times it's more important than ever to remember our human connections. Here at Orpen, we've been inspired by Frank and Fiona Hughes' Red for Red campaign, raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Crumlin Children's' Health Foundation. 

Frank told us a bit about how he and Fiona came to be actively supporting these fantastic institutions:

'In 2018, my son Eoghan was admitted to the heart centre at Crumlin Children's Hospital, Dublin, where he underwent open heart surgery at 4 months old. My wife and I will always remember the incredibly kind specialist staff as nothing short of heroes. We feel that it's our turn to support these amazing nurses and doctors now, by raising funds and awareness, and so we created #WearRedForChildren.

Frank and Fiona's energy and enthusiasm in such a good cause is infectious. We've been helping by giving our services on the design front, and joining the Wear Red to Work day that they organized in mid-February, together with a number of other participants.

March 11th 2021

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