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March 17th 2020

|Digital|General News|

Presentations are no longer one-way

Interactive PDFs V Powerpoint

Foran Construction came to us for a solution to an issue they were having. As a progressive construction company they were finding that the frequency of presentations they were doing was quickly increasing aswell as having to send introduction presentations to perspective clients. It was clear that their company overview needed a complete redesign and a technical solution that worked for them and their sales people. As Foran Construction have many services spanning across different sectors we needed to structure their overview in a way which would work for all situations.

Our Solution was to design an interactive PDF

PDFs are probably now the most popular format of documents delivered on the internet. One of the benefits of having interactive PDFs, allows you to take advantage of the combination of the tremendous popularity of the format, while allowing readers to respond, without the need for additional resources. Since the PDFs are cross functional and can be viewed with any browser, there are no compatibility concerns. Everyone sees the same thing unlike if you send a Powerpoint slide pack where fonts and versions can cause significant issues for the recipient.

March 17th 2020

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